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Library Switchboard: 905-546-3200

Senior Leadership Team

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Paul Takala, CEO & Chief Librarian,, x3215

Lorie Lee, Senior Leadership Support Manager,, x3214

Lisa DuPelle, Director, Human Resources & Information Services,, x3290

Sherry Fahim, Director, Digital Technology & Creation,, x3557

Tony Del Monaco, Director, Finance & Facilities,, x3226

Dawna Wark, Director, Public Services - Branches,, x3285

Lisa Radha Weaver, Director, Collections & Program Development,, x3442

(Photos L to R: Paul Takala, Lisa DuPelle, Sherry Fahim, Tony Del Monaco, Dawna Wark, Lisa Radha Weaver)


System and Central Library Managers

Central Information Services: Katie-Scarlett MacGillivray,, x6343

Collections & Extension Services: Matthew Abbott,, x3230

Communications: Shelley McKay,, x5934
Media relations (media only, please): 905-973-1847

Digital Technology Infrastructure: Vacant, x3999

Digital Technology Services: Amir Feridooni,, x3001

Facilities: Assad Hoosein,, x3207

Local History & Archives: Karen Milligan,, x3209

Program Development: Kathleen Shannon,, x1404

Technical Services Coordinator: Matthew Blacquiere,, x1163

Youth Services & Central Children's: Naomi Brun,, x3403

Branch Managers

Ancaster: Elizabeth Blackall,, x3463

Barton: Melissa McSweeny,, x3452

Binbrook: Caitlin Fralick,, x1022

Carlisle: Amy Hunter,, x6603

Concession: Caitlin Fralick,, x1022

Dundas: Kathleen Shannon,,  x1404

Freelton: Amy Hunter,, x6603

Greensville:  Kathleen Shannon,,  x1404

Kenilworth: Melissa McSweeny,, x3452

Locke: Naomi Brun,, x3403

Lynden: Elizabeth Blackall,, x3463

Mount Hope: Dijia Qin,, x4224

Parkdale: Kat Drennan-Scace,, x2976

Red Hill: Kat Drennan-Scace,, x2976

Saltfleet: Dawna Wark,, x3285

Sherwood: Ania Van Minnen,, x3436

Stoney Creek: Dawna Wark,, x3285

Terryberry: Haney Mussa,, x7065

Turner Park: Dijia Qin,, x4224

Valley Park: Ania Van Minnen,, x3436

Waterdown: Amy Hunter,, x6603

Westdale: Naomi Brun,, x3403