Library Visit Program

One of the goals of the partnership between the Hamilton Public Library and both Hamilton School Boards is to empower youth to be independent thinkers and learners.

Teachers! It's easy to request a library visit for your class using the Library Visit Request Form. Book a library visit today.

The goals of the Library Visit program are to ensure that:

  • all of Hamilton's young people have been introduced to public library service at least once during their school career;
  • young people have an opportunity to learn about the recreational as well as informational resources available at the public library; and
  • all young people who participate in the program have the opportunity to receive a library card of their own.

The Hamilton Public Library is committed to providing an annual library visit (at the library or at your school) for all grade 2, 4 and 7 classes.

Grade 2 library visits

  • introduce children to library services and collections in a fun and interactive way.

Grade 4 library visits

  • introduce students to the variety of books and materials available at the library and give an introduction to searching our catalogue and databases.

Grade 7 library visits 

  • emphasize research skills focusing on the use of the library's information resources - in all formats including online databases and print.

HPL has developed presentations that show your students how to gather resources and use digital technology to practise 21st century skills. These presentations are available for you to download and share with your class.

Gathering Information at the Library


Please contact your local branch regarding library visits for grades not mentioned above.