Flu Shot Clinic at Central Library

Saturdays October 24 - December 12 
10am - 12pm


Flu Shot Clinic at Central Library (1st Floor, Hamilton Room)

Ages 16+, No appointment needed

Please fill in in the Consent For Seasonal Flu Shot (2020-2021 Season) form prior to your visit.

The flu shot significantly reduces your risk of illness, hospitalization, and death caused by an influenza virus. Getting a flu shot can also shorten the duration and severity of flu symptoms if you do become ill. The flu shot itself cannot cause the flu.

Flu season often puts an extra burden on the health-care system, so it is important that people do what they can to reduce their chances of getting it. Hospitals and health-care facilities could become overwhelmed if they need to treat both flu and COVID-19 patients. 

It is especially important this year that those at high risk of critical illness from influenza and from COVID-19, including seniors and people with underlying health conditions, receive the flu vaccine to reduce the need for a greater number of critical hospital beds.

For more information, visit: www.hamilton.ca/flu or contact us.