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Teams Training


Welcome to HPL’s Microsoft Teams training, brought to you by the Digital Literacy and Technology Skills Institute. Participating in this training will help you:

  • Get started using Microsoft Teams.
  • Learn about its key functions such as chats, calls and files.
  • Learn about functions such as Live Events that will support your learning of Microsoft Teams.

But first, what is Microsoft Teams?

It’s an online application that is now a big part of our workday. It's a hub for online collaboration in Office 365. It allows us to connect with each other remotely. In Teams we can chat, meet, call and collaborate, all in one place, anywhere. Teams creates a secure place that supports working together online.

Select a category from the list below and watch the step-by-step video tutorials, which are complete with notes on key points. Start with the first category and work your way through or select specific categories. If you need to come back to this page, select Page 1 under Page Select at the bottom of each page.

Note: Some categories may have more than one video, so make sure you scroll down to see all the content available. To enlarge the Microsoft videos or access closed captions, use the link below each video to view it from the Microsoft website.

When you are ready, try some of the features in Microsoft Teams. You can access Microsoft Teams in two different ways: 

  1. Download and use the app (Download Microsoft Teams). This is the preferred way of accessing Teams for all staff while working from home.  

    • Instructions for downloading Teams to your computer: PDF Version / Word Version

    • Instructions for downloading Teams to your mobile device: PDF Version / Word Version

      •  Note: If you want to download any Office product (including Teams) onto your personal device, you will need to provide HPL with admin access to your device for certain phone functions. More information can be found in the instructions above.  

  2. Use a web browser (access Teams through the portal). 

To log in, use your HPL email and password. A system-wide Team exists now for Microsoft Teams training. More information will be added. This Team will automatically be added to your list of Teams where you can ask questions, provide feedback and learn more about using Microsoft Teams.

Be sure to keep track of the learning opportunities you are participating in from home (including Microsoft Teams training). For more information about keeping track, see the Staff Professional Development Resources page or check in with your manager. If you have any questions, contact DT staff at


Table of Contents:

  1. Intro to Microsoft Teams 

  2. Setup and customize your team 

  3. Collaborate in teams and channels 

  4. Work with posts and messages 

  5. Upload and find files 

  6. Start chats and calls 

  7. Manage meetings 

  8. Setup and attend live events 

  9. Explore apps and tools 

  10. Manage your activity feed